Brother brother pattern and roman cloth which is better

Summary: Roman fabric is a high-grade textile fabric made of wool and polyester (usually 30% wool and 70% po...
Roman fabric is a high-grade textile fabric made of wool and polyester (usually 30% wool and 70% polyester). It is generally more expensive. (But not as expensive as pure wool), a jacket fabric, knitted double-sided machine. There is Panyangdi Roman cloth (English translation), referred to as Roman cloth. Many in Guangdong are called "chicken cloth". The fabric has good horizontal and vertical elasticity and strong moisture absorption. It is suitable for making close-fitting clothes, breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear.
The trousers made by my brother's fabric feel very ordinary to the touch. It may not be soft enough for friends who have not passed through this fabric, but the effect comes out behind the upper body. The elasticity is very good. This kind of material, the unique charm of Ting Tuo is especially good for the tolerance of the body, whether it is tall, thin, thin, very suitable, very structured, and this fabric has the characteristics of non-variability. After wearing it for a period of time, you need to wash it and put it in the water. At the time, the fabric was very soft. After drying it, I put it on again. I found that the trousers felt like new trousers, and they were very durable and easy to take care of.
Gedi women's fabrics are very strong and not easy to break. My elder brother uses a lot of fabrics for women's clothing, and many of the trousers' fabrics are stretched in all directions, and the composition is mostly polyester fiber.
It is not significant to distinguish between the two fabrics by their names, because the proportion of the two fabrics used will change according to the needs of use. Therefore, you must accurately distinguish the brother ’s fabric based on its fiber composition and feel. What fabric. No matter consumers or fabric buyers, if they pursue the structured effect of ready-to-wear, they can choose their brother's fabrics, pursue smoothness and smoothness, and can choose polyester fiber fabrics. Both have good elasticity on all sides and are very comfortable to wear.