Differences between knitted and woven fabrics

Summary:Although many people do not know the difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics in daily l...
Although many people do not know the difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics in daily life, mastering this may be a great help to our daily life. Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics will be very different in processing technology, and different processing technology will naturally produce different actual effects. However, most people may not care much about whether the fabric is knitted or woven. In fact, knitted fabric is very different from woven fabric. If we master them carefully, we can find their differences.
Processing process difference:
To understand their differences, we should master their basic technological processes. Knitted fabric is a kind of knitted fabric produced by bending cotton yarn into loops in order and then stringing the loops together. However, it can be classified according to the different orientations of coil preparation. The horizontal is called weft knitted fabric, and the vertical is called woven fabric. Shuttle fabric is a kind of fabric formed by vertically interlacing two or two groups of vertical cotton yarns on a shuttle machine. The cotton yarn in different directions can be divided into different types, the horizontal one is called spinning yarn, and the vertical one is called tube yarn. The basic module of knitted fabric is the loop, while the basic module of woven fabric is the planning point of yarn and yarn crossing.
Differences in knitting methods:
Now, let's talk about the differences between knitting methods of knitwear and woven fabric. Knitted fabric is produced by hole shaped loops, which has good air permeability. Each direction of widening is more symmetrical, with good elasticity, and it is soft if touched. The height and overall width of its coil can be changed with each other, so its ductility is good. In addition, knitted fabrics are more comfortable to wear on the hands, and it is not easy to feel bound and tight, which can focus on the beauty of body lines. The woven fabric is relatively light, and there is not much relationship between spinning widening and folding, and there is no change, so the ductility is poor. This fabric is generally dense and hard, not as soft as knitwear. Woven fabrics are relatively strong and wear resistant, and there are a large number of production and manufacturing in clothing and other aspects.
Fabric difference:
Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics are different. At the level of processing technology, the characteristics of fabrics are quite different, with different main purposes. I firmly believe that the above introduction can help you master knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.