Is knitted cotton pure cotton

Is knitted cotton pure cotton

Summary:When it comes to clothing, many people have endless topics to talk about, endless beautiful clothes ...
When it comes to clothing, many people have endless topics to talk about, endless beautiful clothes to look at, and endless clothes to buy. In addition to looking good when buying clothes, many people pay attention to quality. For example, the quality of pure cotton clothes is not bad, so many people prefer pure cotton clothes. But there are knitted cotton and pure cotton on the market, are they the same? Is knitted cotton pure cotton?

1. Is knitted cotton pure cotton?

Answer: Pure cotton means that the cotton content of the fabric is 100%, and knitting refers to the production process, which includes: pure cotton knitting, nylon knitting and so on. Knitted cotton is a popular name in the industry, which is knitted pure cotton fabric or pure cotton clothing.

Second, the difference between knitted cotton and pure cotton

1. Appearance

The appearance of knitted cotton is very similar to that of pure cotton. Cotton fibers have good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, cotton fibers can absorb moisture in the air. This is why knitted cotton and pure cotton can be worn by people. It feels comfortable. But the heat resistance effect of pure cotton fabric is better. Knitted cotton has a smooth surface because of the use of textile technology. Compared with pure cotton, it is not easy to pilling.

2. Fabric properties

The characteristics of knitted cotton are good dyeability, high color brightness and fastness, and the wearing comfort and hygroscopicity are very close to those of pure cotton. The disadvantage is that it is not acid-resistant and has poor elasticity. Pure cotton is characterized by good moisture absorption and high wearing comfort.

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