The most common knitted fabrics are jersey and ribbing

The most common knitted fabrics are jersey and ribbing

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Our collection of Ponte De Roma Fabric online will route you to the scintillating beauty of Rome. This double knit jersey dress fabric is thicker than the normal jersey and less stretchy as well.

As a stretch fabric, ponte is easy to sew, whether by sewing machine or serger. It does shrink a bit in the first wash, so make sure to prewash before use. For seams and hems, a stretch needle or ballpoint is preferable. To help prevent fraying, a rotary cutter is recommended. For edges that will be visible, it is helpful to pink those areas that sit into the fabric. This helps to minimize the appearance of a seam or hem and makes the edge look softer.

Knitted Fabric

Unlike woven fabrics that use threads to create the fabric, knitted materials are made by interlocking loops of one piece of yarn. This provides more flexibility than woven fabrics and allows the knitted fabric to take on the shape of its wearer. The versatility of knitted fabrics makes them ideal for making sweaters, tops, dresses and activewear.

They are lightweight, breathable and have great stretchability. This means that they are very comfortable to wear. In addition, knitted fabrics are easy to clean and wash. They are also crease resistant.

The most common knitted fabrics are jersey and ribbing. Jersey fabrics have a right side and a wrong side. The right side has vertical ribs while the wrong side has horizontal floats. Other types of knitted fabric include scuba, ribbing and double knit. Some knitted fabrics have lace patterns. Others have a sheared, brushed finish like velour fabric. These fabrics have a plush, luxurious feel and are very soft to the touch.
Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabrics make clothing that fits well and makes it easier to move. They're used in dresses, athletic clothes, and even stage costumes. They also simplify sewing. Stretch silk fabrics and stretch lace fabrics are soft and provide a figure-flattering look. They're a perfect choice for evening gowns, blouses, and luxurious lingerie.

These materials usually contain spandex or other elastic fibers to give them a 2-way or 4-way stretch capability. They can be made from natural or synthetic yarns. Stretch wool jersey knit, for example, combines a bit of spandex with all-natural wool fibers to create a material that can be used in suits and dress pants.

When sewing with these types of fabric, it's important to use a zig zag stitch instead of a straight stitch. A straight stitch can break when these fabrics stretch, resulting in open seams. It's also a good idea to use weights to keep the fabric in place while you cut it.