What are the characteristics of knitted sweater fabrics

What are the characteristics of knitted sweater fabrics

Summary:In daily dressing, knitted sweaters are loved by many people, because knitted sweaters are more comf...
In daily dressing, knitted sweaters are loved by many people, because knitted sweaters are more comfortable to wear, light and soft, and very breathable. What are the characteristics of knitted sweater fabrics?

Knitwear refers to garments woven using knitting equipment. A sweater is a type of knitted sweater, and a sweater is a knitted sweater knitted with wool. In addition to wool, the raw materials of knitted sweaters also include cotton threads and various chemical fiber threads.

1. Good fit and comfort

The jersey fabric is made from a variety of silky animal and plant fiber blends.

2. Strong versatility

Knitwear is very popular among people, because according to the characteristics of the crowd, the fabrics of knitted sweaters have explosive styles and thick styles, and various styles of knitted sweaters are produced. It looks great with jackets, jeans, dresses, etc.

3. Good warmth retention

A blend of wool and thermal fibers is used to make the sweater warm.

4. Sculpt the curve

When weaving, the local elasticity is handled according to the ergonomic three-dimensional weaving method, so that the shape of the body sculpting bottoming shirt conforms to the human body curve, and the contraction force is increased in individual parts to achieve the effect of correcting the body shape, sculpting the body and beautifying the body, which is more suitable for the human body curve.

5. Flexible

Stress-tested in a material testing laboratory to a high quality standard. Shapewear is to increase the elasticity of underwear by adding elastic yarns, and maintain and adjust the size and shape of the human body through traction.

6. Good air permeability

The knitwear fabrics are mostly made of organic materials such as animal and plant fibers, which make the air permeability high and facilitate the skin to breathe. It will not hinder the skin's breathing, cause folliculitis, or even rough skin due to sticking to the body for a long time.

7. No sense of restraint

Wearing tight shapewear for a long time will lead to poor blood circulation, numbness in hands and feet, and even affect normal breathing. Lung tissue will not be fully stretched due to microcirculation disorders, hindering the oxygen supply of the whole body, and prone to brain hypoxia. The body-shaping bottoming shirt/pants has undergone physical testing and pressure testing, and meets health standards. It is ergonomically three-dimensional and has a moderate degree of tightness, without any sense of restraint or dullness.

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