What are the characteristics of polar fleece

What are the characteristics of polar fleece

Summary:After special treatment, the polar fleece fabric has the characteristics of anti-static, non-flammab...

After special treatment, the polar fleece fabric has the characteristics of anti-static, non-flammable and warm. The fleece fabric can also be combined with all fabrics, and used in the production of warm clothing, which can make the effect of warming better. Common ones include the composite of polar fleece and denim, the composite of polar fleece and lamb fleece, and the addition of waterproof and breathable membrane in the middle of polar fleece and mesh without composite.

The composite technology of polar fleece can not only be used in clothing, but also widely used in other fabric crafts. The composite technology combines the same two quality or different quality polar fleece composite processing together, which can be used to make blankets. The polar fleece feels soft, and the bedding made after processing gives people a warm and comfortable feeling.

1. Fabric: Polar velvet is a kind of knitted fabric.

It is woven by a large circle du machine. After weaving, the blank zhi cloth is first dyed, and then processed by various complicated processes such as napping, combing, shearing, and polarizing. Also called cashmere.

2. Features:

The fleece is dense and fluffy, but not easy to shed hair or pilling. The back side is sparsely and well-proportioned, the fluff is short, the texture is clear, and the fluffy elasticity is particularly good. Add antistatic additives, anti-flame retardant additives, infrared additives, etc. Polar fleece can also be combined with all fabrics to make it more effective in keeping out the cold. Polar fleece fabric is already a popular fabric with low price and high taste.

Advantages of polar fleece:

Its thickness is equivalent to traditional cotton knitting velvet, and it is also divided into one, two and three (that is, different thickness).

The front has a flat weft-knitted cotton wool cloth surface, and the back has a fine and soft suede surface. Observe carefully that there is a fine mesh on the surface of the suede. In the late autumn and early winter or when the severe winter has just passed, different styles of fleece fashion such as coats, vests, jackets, etc. are often worn by young people on the streets.

It can be made into a variety of colors and styles, soft, light, warm, and free to move. It is an excellent fabric for sports and leisure clothing. The most commendable is that it will not fluff and pilling, and it can be dry-cleaned or washed with water, and it can get a good washing effect. Generally, the washing method of polar fleece clothing is mostly used, using weak alkaline or neutral detergent.