What are the common striped fabrics

What are the common striped fabrics

Summary:What are the common striped fabrics? In the fashion industry, there are always some elements that ar...

What are the common striped fabrics? In the fashion industry, there are always some elements that are enduring. Whether it's big brand hair shows or fashionable people's wear, they often appear, such as dots, lace, and stripes are among the best. How to wear stripes?

What are the common striped fabrics?

The reason why stripes gallop the fashion world is that they are simple but not simple. The simple pattern is simple, and it is very conspicuous when wearing; not simple is that the width, density, color and vertical and horizontal of the stripes are very particular. If they are casually arranged, it will be counterproductive and can not show the pop style of the stripe itself. The blue stripes of the sea soul shirt are matched with the red color, and the color contrast and retro style bring a little freshness to the face; the black striped overalls carry the black and white classics to the end, which is both neat and cool, and the low-key eye-catching is probably the same. There are so many classic striped pieces.

Striped Wide Leg Pants: 100% Lyocell

In addition to the simple style, the fashion industry also loves stripes. Even the hottest wide leg pants can't do without stripes. However, the stripe style also needs appropriate fabric to highlight. The new striped wide leg pants of Evely are made of 100% Lyocell, which is a kind of fabric made of natural plant fiber, commonly known as "Tencel". This kind of fabric has the characteristics of smooth, good air permeability and no shrinkage. However, it is relatively weak in terms of elasticity. This kind of fabric is very suitable for hot summer. This new product of Evely uses Lyocell fabric and is designed into a classic stripe style. It can be said that it is a perfect combination of stripe and fabric, which not only retains the casual fashion of wide leg pants, but also makes people refreshing in the choice of different styles and colors. Of course, for this type of clothing, or choose classic stripes such as black and white as the main better, navy blue is also a good choice. The rough stripe of pop wind is rough and random.

Striped open navel T-shirt: 95% Cotton + 5% spandex

In the world where high street wind prevails, stripe elements are also highly worshipped. Although striped t has always been a high-frequency item for daily wear, the high-collar and navel exposed T-shirt is full of bright spots. T-shirt is a close fitting clothing. If the fabric is too poor, it is easy to cause skin problems. Xiaobian suggests that you should pay attention to the fabric when selecting styles. The richcoco European and American street style black-and-white striped loose round neck short open navel long sleeve T-shirt is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. 95% cotton ensures the comfort of T-shirt, and 5% spandex meets the needs of clothes Elastic demand. This T-shirt is paired with a simple pair of high waist denim shorts. With this simple top, you can see the high street style immediately, depending on whether you are carrying balischia or local goods. Of course, at this time, if you add color polarizer and Harajuku headband, it is likely to be popular.

Striped shirt: high quality linen

When the stripe meets the shirt, the choice of fabric usually needs to consider in addition to comfort, there is also a point that is neat and does not shrink, flax has these characteristics, and linen is wear-resistant, strong. UNIQLO's long sleeve shirt above is made of high-quality linen fabric called French hemp. The unique water absorption, volatility and comfortable feeling of French hemp is its charm. Combined with the unique beautiful texture and natural style of high-quality fabrics, it can be worn alone to create a fashionable shape. Seasonal stripe pattern can be used as a key point.