What are the types and characteristics of Luo Wenbu

What are the types and characteristics of Luo Wenbu

Summary: Hangzhou Xingfu Cloth Co., Ltd. is located on the south bank of the beautiful Hangzhou Qiantang Riv...
Hangzhou Xingfu Cloth Co., Ltd. is located on the south bank of the beautiful Hangzhou Qiantang River, 3 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. It enjoys a superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The company was established in September 1997, a large-scale comprehensive entity enterprise integrating R&D, weaving and sales. There are more than 200 employees, mainly engaged in all kinds of high-end knitted fabrics, such as various types of NR Roman cloth series, RT Roman cloth series, cotton series, various types of single/double-sided cloth, etc.

Commonly used for T-shirt collars and cuffs, it has a good fit effect, great elasticity, (more elastic than the stretcher cotton) is mainly used for casual style clothing.
It is relative to plain weave. Let's talk about socks. The most common cotton socks with nothing are plain weave. The kind of protuberance like stripe is ribbed.

It is the basic structure of double-sided circular woven fabric, which is composed of a front coil wale and a back coil wale in a certain proportion. Common ones include 1+1 rib (flat rib), 2+2 rib, and spandex rib.
Double rib fabric: Ordinary double-sided fabric, also known as cotton wool fabric, is composed of two ribs cross-composite. Common cotton wool fabrics, needle cotton wool fabrics, spandex cotton wool fabrics and so on.

There are also many kinds of rib cloth, 1*1 rib cloth, 2*2 rib cloth, 3*3 rib cloth, 1*2 rib cloth, etc. Depending on the machine, there can also be large round machine rib cloth, flat machine rib cloth, etc., depending on the material If they are different, then there are many varieties, almost innumerable.

Ribbed tissue
Organization specifications: rib stitch pitch
Both double needle bed circular or flat knitting machines can be produced. Its structure is knitted with rib pitch, so it is called rib. The outer and inner loops of plain weave are arranged alternately in a horizontal row, so the appearance of both sides of the bottom is symmetrical, and its structure It has excellent elasticity when stretched in the transverse direction and is not easy to curl. Because it is composed of a needle and needle, it is named 1X1 rib, and because the needles of the dial and the cylinder are all knitted at each knitting port, it is also called 1X1 full needle rib, the elasticity of the rib depends on the structure of the rib, the elasticity of the yarn, the friction performance, and the density of the knitted fabric. The rib structure fabric can not be dismantled and unwound at the end where the fabric starts.

The rib structure is one of the basic structures of weft knitted fabrics, and is composed of a combination of front stitches and back stitches in a certain form. Ribbed knitted fabrics have greater elasticity and extensibility when stretched in the horizontal direction, so they are often used in inner and outer clothing products that require a certain degree of elasticity, such as stretch shirts, stretch vests, pullover cuffs, necklines, and cuffs.

There are many composite structures derived from rib structure, mainly including rib air layer structure and dot structure. The rib air layer structure is composed of rib structure and flat needle structure. This kind of structure has less lateral extensibility, better dimensional stability, and has the advantages of thickness and stiffness. The dot texture is composed of incomplete rib structure and incomplete flat stitch structure. According to the arrangement order of the two coils in a complete organization, there are Swiss and French. The Swiss dot pattern has a compact structure, small extensibility and good dimensional stability. The French dot pattern has the characteristics of clear coil longitudinal line, full surface and large width. Both of these organizations are widely used in the production of knitted outerwear.