What are the types of knitted cotton jersey

Summary:What is the fabric of knitted cotton jersey?Knitted cotton jersey is a thin knitted fabric, which is...
What is the fabric of knitted cotton jersey?

Knitted cotton jersey is a thin knitted fabric, which is one of our common knitted fabrics. Its weaving method is the same as the plain knitting method of knitting sweaters. have some flexibility. If you add spandex weaving, it is a stretch jersey, then the horizontal and vertical elasticity will be better.

Second, the characteristics of knitted cotton jersey

Knitted cotton jersey has bright luster, clear texture, fine texture, smooth hand and good extensibility. At the same time, it has good hygroscopicity and breathability. It is suitable for summer vests and can help us dissipate heat. There are advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Cotton knitted jersey has detachability and curling properties, and the coil may sometimes be tilted.

Commonly used in vests, T-shirts, polo shirts, underwear, home wear, women's casual short sleeves, skirts, etc.

Three, the type of knitted cotton jersey

1. Conventional varieties of jersey are classified by ingredients

There are pure cotton jersey, blended jersey, cvc jersey, tc jersey, tr jersey, spandex jersey, polyester jersey, polyester single jersey, nylon jersey, etc.;

2. According to the dyeing and finishing process

There are dyed jersey, yarn-dyed jersey, printed jersey, etc.

3, according to the structure used to classify

There are pearl jersey, double-sided jersey, plain jersey and so on.

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