What is yarn dyed knitted jacquard cloth

Summary:How can it be called yarn dyed fabric?Yarn dyed jacquard refers to the warp and weft threads of clot...
How can it be called yarn dyed fabric?

Yarn dyed jacquard refers to the warp and weft threads of cloth, which have different colors. For example, the warp is red and the weft is white. The advantage of yarn dyed fabrics is that the yarn is dyed first and then woven into cloth. Its color fastness is better than that of ordinary printed and dyed fabrics, and it is more resistant to fading when washed.

Jacquard yarn dyed fabric refers to that the yarn has been dyed into different colors before weaving and then woven into knitted jacquard. This kind of fabric not only has significant jacquard pattern effect, but also has rich and soft colors. It is a high-end product in jacquard fabric.

Yarn dyed jacquard cloth is a fabric factory that directly weaves patterns on high-quality grey cloth, so its patterns cannot be washed away with water, avoiding the disadvantage of washing and fading of printed cloth and dyed fabric

Yarn dyed jacquard fabric adopts environment-friendly printing and dyeing process. It does not contain 20 kinds of aromatic amines banned by the Ministry of Textiles and heavy metals such as As, Pb and Cd that are harmful to human health. It is green and pollution-free.