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Roman cloth is a kind of fabric made by double-sided knitting machine


Roman cloth is a knitted fabric, weft-knitted, double-s […]

Roman cloth is a knitted fabric, weft-knitted, double-sided circular knitting machine. Also called ponte-de-roma, commonly known as chicken cloth. Roman cloth is a four-way cycle. The cloth surface is not flat as ordinary double-sided cloth, and it is slightly slightly irregular. The fabric has good horizontal and vertical elasticity, but its transverse tensile performance is not as good as that of double-sided fabric, and its moisture absorption is strong. Used for making intimate clothes, breathable, soft and comfortable to wear.
Roman weaving process
Weaving on ordinary double-sided machines is divided into two types-ordinary Roman cloth and high-grade Roman cloth. The machine weaving process is as follows: 1, knitting needle arrangement-knitted knitted Roman cloth, knitting needles according to ordinary double rib (cotton wool) Just arrange the knitting needles. The first 1F and 2F are knitting double rib texture (cotton wool tissue); the 3F is that the needle-knitting needles do not participate in the work, and all the needles in the cylinder participate in knitting; the 4F is the needle cylinder.
2. Ordinary Roman cloth triangle row knitting needles do not participate in the work, and the needle dial knitting needles all participate in knitting.
3. Triangular arrangement of high-grade Roman cloth-1F, 2F weaving double rib structure; needles of the 3F and 4F dials do not participate in the work, and needles of the cylinder are low-knitting needles and high-knitting needles, respectively; weaving 6F is that the needles of the cylinder do not participate in the work, and the needles of the dial are high-knitting needles and low-knitting needles participate in knitting.
Difference between Roman organization and cotton organization
Roman tissue and cotton wool tissue are not very flat compared to the cloth surface, there are dark horizontal stripes, cotton wool is two-way one cycle, Rome is four-way one cycle.

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