How much is one meter of Tencel fabric

Summary:The functional properties of Tencel fabrics are very similar to those of pure cotton, and they have ...
The functional properties of Tencel fabrics are very similar to those of pure cotton, and they have outstanding performance in terms of moisture absorption and breathability. Therefore, Tencel fabrics are also suitable for making T-shirts, underwear and other personal clothing, just like pure cotton.

Tencel fabric is soft to the touch and has a certain degree of drape. The clothes are elegant and dynamic and very comfortable after wearing. The fabric has an elegant luster and Tencel has a certain degree of elasticity, so the fabric is not easy to leave wrinkles after being folded. Or it's much simpler with washing.

In addition, Tencel also has good spinnability. It can be blended with cotton, linen, silk and wool. This can make the characteristics of the fabric more diversified. At the same time, the price of Tencel fabric is not expensive, so this type of clothing also has Higher cost performance.

How much is a meter of Tencel fabric?
The wholesale price of Tencel fabric is between a dozen and thirty yuan, depending on the quality and workmanship of the fabric. The overall price is very similar to that of pure cotton fabric. Of course, there are also various Tencel fabrics for sale in Fabric Hall 3. Friends who bought Tencel fabrics also went to the shopping mall of Hall 3 to search for "Tencel" for details. The following also introduces a good-quality Tencel fabric.

Tencel Shu stretch silk: The composition of this fabric is 90% Tencel + 10% stretch silk. The fabric is soft and smooth and has good air permeability. Its drape is also very good. The good elasticity also makes the fabric less prone to hair. Wrinkle phenomenon can be used for the production of base coats, T-shirts and vest skirts. The price of the cloth is 45 yuan per meter.