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Hangzhou Xingfu Textile Co., Ltd is a large-scale China 40s NR Roma Stripe Fabric Manufacturers and 40s NR Roma Fabric factory, our company Founded in September 1997, located on the south bank of the beautiful Qiantang River in Hangzhou, 3 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient, More than 200 employees, mainly engaged in various types of high-end knitted fabrics, such as wholesale 40s NR Roma Stripe Fabric, all kinds of single / double-sided cloth and others, At present, we has established long-term good business relations with world famous brands: H&M, WALMART, ZARA, etc. Welcome new products at home and abroad. Old customers come to cooperate!

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What is Nylon Rayon Fabric?

Nylon rayon fabric is a textile material made by blending nylon and rayon fibers. Both nylon and rayon are synthetic fibers, and when combined in a fabric, they can offer a combination of their individual characteristics. Here's an overview of each fiber and the properties of nylon rayon fabric:
Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic polymer known for its durability and strength. It is often used in the production of hosiery, activewear, and various types of outerwear due to its excellent resistance to abrasion and moisture. Nylon is lightweight, quick-drying, and has good stretch and recovery properties, making it suitable for items like stockings, swimwear, and sportswear.
Rayon: Rayon, on the other hand, is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural cellulose sources, such as wood pulp or bamboo. It is valued for its softness, breathability, and drapability. Rayon can imitate the look and feel of natural fibers like cotton and silk, making it a popular choice for casual and dressier clothing items.
When nylon and rayon are blended to create nylon rayon fabric, you can expect a fabric that combines the following characteristics:
Strength: The nylon component provides the fabric with strength and durability, which can make it more resistant to wear and tear compared to pure rayon fabrics.
Softness and Comfort: The rayon in the blend contributes to a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, adding to the fabric's overall comfort.
Drapability: Rayon's natural drapability can enhance the way the fabric hangs and moves, making it suitable for garments with a fluid, graceful drape.
Moisture Management: Nylon's moisture-wicking properties can help keep the wearer dry by pulling moisture away from the body.
Versatility: Nylon rayon fabric is often used in a range of clothing items, from blouses and dresses to activewear and lingerie. Its combination of durability and comfort makes it versatile for different applications.

Why choose Nylon Rayon Fabric?

Nylon rayon fabric can be chosen for various reasons, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the wearer. Here are some reasons why one might choose nylon rayon fabric:
Strength and Durability: The nylon component in the fabric provides strength and durability, making it resistant to wear and tear. This can be advantageous for clothing items that need to withstand regular use and maintain their shape.
Comfort: Rayon, known for its softness and comfort, adds a pleasant and gentle feel against the skin. It makes nylon rayon fabric comfortable to wear for extended periods, which is especially important for clothing items like dresses, blouses, and undergarments.
Drapability: Rayon's natural drapability gives the fabric an elegant, flowing appearance, making it suitable for garments that require a graceful drape, such as dresses and skirts.
Breathability: Rayon, being a natural-based fiber, offers good breathability, allowing air to circulate and helping regulate body temperature. This makes it a comfortable choice, especially in warmer climates.
Moisture Management: Nylon's moisture-wicking properties can help keep the wearer dry by wicking away moisture from the body. This feature is beneficial for activewear, sportswear, and clothing items intended for physical activities.
Versatility: Nylon rayon fabric is versatile and can be used for a wide range of clothing items. It's suitable for both casual and dressier apparel, making it a flexible choice for various occasions.
Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of nylon and rayon can result in a fabric with a luxurious appearance and a subtle sheen. This can be visually appealing and make the fabric suitable for more formal attire.
Easy Care: Nylon rayon fabrics are often relatively easy to care for, with many being machine-washable. This convenience can be attractive to those looking for low-maintenance clothing.
Affordability: Nylon rayon fabric can offer a balance between performance and affordability, making it a cost-effective option for a range of garments.