How to wash Tencel fabrics cleanly

Summary:As people's living standards are improving day by day, some details have also become more refined. F...
As people's living standards are improving day by day, some details have also become more refined. For example, when many people wear clothes, they must choose some comfortable fabrics. Because of this, Tencel fabrics will be made into clothes or some household products, slowly entering thousands of households. Although this kind of fabric is welcomed by everyone whether it is made into clothes or products, how can Tencel fabrics be washed clean and not easy to wrinkle?

1. Choose a neutral laundry detergent

When people choose to clean Tencel fabrics or clothes at home, they should choose a neutral detergent. Avoid laundry detergent to cause certain damage to these fabric products or clothes. In addition, everyone should also pay attention to the need to wash light-colored and dark-colored clothes or items separately in time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of color mixing.

2. Do not soak in hot water

When cleaning Tencel fabric clothes, you can soak them in water for a few minutes. But be careful not to soak in hot water, generally the temperature needs to be controlled below 40 degrees.

3. It is best to wash by hand

When washing clothes or products made of Tencel fabrics, it is recommended to wash by hand. When washing, it must be gentle. Never rub hard or use a hard brush to scrub, twist hard, etc., to avoid deformation of these products. .

Through the above introduction, it is estimated that most people have a simple understanding of how to wash Tencel fabrics to be relatively clean and not easy to wrinkle. Nowadays, silk fabrics are more and more popular with everyone, so everyone needs to pay attention to protection when using this fabric. Avoid some of your own bad behaviors, which will affect the life of this fabric. For everyone, this is a result that is not worth the loss.