Tencel fabric new environmentally friendly Tencel denim fabric

Tencel fabric new environmentally friendly Tencel denim fabric

Summary:Tencel fabric, like cotton and linen, is widely used in daily life, and the recently popular antenna...
Tencel fabric, like cotton and linen, is widely used in daily life, and the recently popular antenna denim fabric is even more popular. What is Tencel denim fabric? Tencel denim fabric is actually the main raw material, but it has denim ingredients in it. We simply understand that it can be understood as an incomplete Tencel fabric.

1. Classification of Tencel denim fabrics

As the name suggests, the new fiber in Tencel denim fabric is Tencel fabric, and it can be divided into 4 types according to the different components of other fabrics in it. The first type is called full tencel, and the denim fabric contains only tencel and denim. The second is interwoven tencel denim. In addition to Tencel and denim, there is also the cost of cotton. The third type is tencel hemp denim, and tencel hemp is the cotton in the tencel cotton is replaced by hemp, and hemp is the same as cotton. The fourth is called interwoven tencel polyester denim, where the flute means polyester. In daily life, the most commonly used Tencel denim is all- Tencel denim and interwoven Tencel cotton denim.

2. Why is Tencel denim so popular

Tencel denim can be used on casual shorts, casual dresses and casual shirts in spring, summer and autumn. Its quality is very comfortable, it is easy and safe to wear, it reflects the characteristics of young people's casual fashion, and it improves people's popularity. Consumption level, and it does not pollute the environment, it is a green and environmentally friendly material, so it is very popular. However, because its production capacity is not very large, it cannot be fully promoted yet. However, this fabric is more popular than Tencel fabric.

If Tencel denim fabrics can actually be produced, it will undoubtedly be a boon for the consumer market and consumers. We can also see from here that the development prospects of Tencel denim fabrics are very good.

When the weather is getting hotter and entering summer, if you continue to use pure cotton bedding in winter, the warm feeling brought by cotton is no longer suitable, and it will inevitably make us feel a little stuffy. At this time, the thermal conductivity of Tencel is only zero. The benefits of 18 come out, the touch is cool, and it can effectively relieve the sultry feeling in summer.