What are Roman fabrics and what are the characteristics of Roman fabrics

Summary: What is Roman fabric? What are the characteristics of Roman fabrics? Roman fabrics are widely used ...
What is Roman fabric? What are the characteristics of Roman fabrics? Roman fabrics are widely used in life, especially in underwear. Roman fabrics are knitted fabrics, most of which are weft-knitted using double-sided circular knitting machines. Roman fabrics have slightly irregular horizontal stripes. Roman fabrics have good vertical and horizontal elasticity, but the horizontal tensile force is not as good as double-sided fabrics, and the flatness of the fabrics is not as good as double-sided fabrics. Roman fabrics are very absorbent, and they are very breathable, soft and comfortable to wear.
Roman cotton is a yarn blended with combed cotton and elastic hidden fiber. It is a high-end technology-exclusive textile technology product. It has a high reputation in the fashion industry and its processing technology is very complicated. It is not common in the market. . Roman fabrics will not fluff and pilling is a highlight of it, because of its special knitting materials and weaving. But still pay attention to the choice of neutral detergent during the washing process, not soak in hot water, do not expose to the sun and other characteristics. The disadvantage of the Roman fabric is that its lateral tensile force is very poor. Buying a suitable size pullover is easy to be hindered when wearing a pullover, so it is more necessary to make a cardigan. Roman fabric feels rough, like the texture of hemp fabric. Stiff without wrinkles, suitable for stylish clothes such as suits and trousers, Roman fabric is not easy to hook, suitable for jackets.
Roman fabrics are divided into ordinary Roman fabrics and high-grade Roman fabrics. The triangular rows of knitting needles of ordinary Roman fabrics do not participate in the work, and the needle dial knitting needles all participate in knitting. The first and second rows of high-grade Roman fabrics are woven into a double-threaded structure. The needles of the third and fourth rows of needle disks do not participate in knitting. The needles of the needle cylinders are low and high knitting needles, respectively. Do not participate in weaving. The above is the Roman fabric introduced by Xiaobian to everyone, I hope to help you.