What are the common clothing fabrics

Summary: 1. Viscose fabricViscose is the viscose fiber we are talking about. It is mainly divided into visco...
1. Viscose fabric
Viscose is the viscose fiber we are talking about. It is mainly divided into viscose long fiber and short fiber. Because of its good moisture absorption, it is more used in personal clothing.

2. Polyester fabric
Polyester fabric is a relatively common clothing fabric. Polyester has good wrinkle resistance and resilience, and is often used as outerwear fabric.

3. nylon fabric
Nylon is a polyamide fiber, which is what we often call "nylon". Wear resistance and light texture are the main characteristics of nylon fabrics. Because of its characteristics, it is often used in sportswear, mountaineering clothes and other sportswear.

4.acrylic fabric
The performance of acrylic fabrics is very similar to that of wool fabrics. It is fluffy, soft and has good elasticity. It has good warmth retention and is often used in sportswear and warm clothing.

5.vinylon fabric
Velen fabrics are similar to viscose fabrics. They have better moisture absorption and are also called "synthetic cotton". However, Velen fabrics have obvious shortcomings. They have poor shrinkage and wrinkle easily. They are often used in underwear and work clothes. Wait.

6.polypropylene fabric
Although polypropylene fiber content is not high, it has high strength and light weight. It is easy to dry after washing, so it is very suitable for making ski wear and mountaineering clothing. In the medical field, polypropylene is often used for sanitary products such as gauze.

7.spandex fabric
Spandex fabric has the best elasticity and is also called elastic fiber. Spandex is generally used in combination with other fabrics and is often used as a fabric for tights.