What material is Tencel Roman fabric

Summary:Tencel Roman cloth is a new type of textile knitted fabric, which is mixed with Tencel during synthe...
Tencel Roman cloth is a new type of textile knitted fabric, which is mixed with Tencel during synthesis. This new type of fabric has many advantages, good elasticity, good upper body texture, softness and comfort, and a wide range of applications. Tencel fabrics are suitable for wearing in any season. Tencel fabrics are also added to clothing in autumn and winter. Tencel fabrics are better integrated with other fabrics under modern technology and applied to people's daily clothing. The integrated fabrics are more elastic. The comfort is further improved and the texture is better.

Tencel fabric advantages:
1. Tencel fabric not only has strong hygroscopicity, but also has the strength that ordinary fibers do not have, and the strength is similar to that of polyester. Good stability, not easy to shrink after washing.
2. Tencel has the smooth and elegant characteristics of silk, and air permeability and moisture absorption are also the main characteristics of Tencel fabrics.
3. Tencel fabric has a touch similar to silk, and silk has the highest flexibility among all fabrics.
4. Tencel is a pure natural material, and the fabric does not contain chemical substances and is an environmentally friendly fabric, which is more in line with the current consumption concept of people.
5. The comfort of Tencel fabric is comparable to that of cotton fabric, and the fabric has very good moisture absorption and breathability.

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