What are the healing properties of Tencel fabric

Summary: What can be seen now is that due to the new crown epidemic from 2020 to 2021, the world is envelope...
What can be seen now is that due to the new crown epidemic from 2020 to 2021, the world is enveloped in an atmosphere of anxiety and profoundly changing people around the world. Demographic structure, crowd portraits, lifestyles, consumption concepts, consumption emotions, and fashion attitudes are the decisive factors that affect fashion consumption. What changes the epidemic has brought to these factors is the fashion trend, that is, the next growth point of fashion consumption—discovering demand, meeting demand, and influencing demand. This is also one of the demand-side reforms proposed by the country. In the epidemic and post-epidemic era, the protective function and healing function of clothing have become one of the key requirements and the main driving force of design. Xingdu Textile is a professional supplier of Tencel fabrics. We need to answer to the demand side and consumers what are the healing properties of Tencel fabrics?
The healing properties of Tencel fabrics are first manifested in environmental sustainability. Under long-lasting and strong policy and public opinion pressure, the current fashion industry, from brand owners to consumers, suffers from environmental anxiety, and Tencel fabrics have become one of the priorities for curing this symptom. The source of the supply chain of Tencel fabrics, Lenzing Group has been carrying out sustainable practices around decarbonization, circular economy, raw material safety, water resources management and other related content, and uniting upstream and downstream partners and stakeholders to jointly promote the value chain of the entire industry. Green and sustainable development. Tencel fabric can add points to the brand's sustainable competitiveness, set off the brand's environmental protection tone, enhance brand recognition, and even become one of the brand's elements.
The healing properties of Tencel fabrics are secondly manifested in the combination of green properties and safety properties. The new crown epidemic has caused consumers to pay more and more attention to and worry about their own health damage. Tencel fabrics have green and safety properties, and are known as the second skin of people, and they can be worn with confidence. Tencel fabrics are made of 100% sustainable and socially responsible wood resources certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which are derived from natural green; the production process adopts a fully closed loop process, which only changes the physical form of cellulose. Chemical reactions, through recovery and recycling, significantly reduce the consumption of chemicals and water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.