What are the main types of Tencel fabrics

Summary:Tencel fabrics do not only refer to pure Tencel fabrics in the narrow sense, but are interwoven and ...
Tencel fabrics do not only refer to pure Tencel fabrics in the narrow sense, but are interwoven and blended fabrics of Tencel including pure Tencel and any other fiber, specifically Tencel cotton, Tencel polyester, Tencel linen interwoven and blended fabrics , Tencel brocade, Tencel rayon interweaving, Tencel rayon blended, Tencel copper ammonia, Tencel modal interweaving, Tencel silk, Tencel wool, etc., so the concept of Tencel fabric is very broad, Tencel fabric manufacturer and supplier There is also a lot of room for innovation.

Let's dissect the main structural and functional characteristics of each Tencel fabric series.

1. Pure Tencel fabric, also known as all-tencel, as the name suggests, the composition is 100% Tencel, which can reflect the light and elegant soft drape of Tencel fiber. It has better breathability and perspiration function. It is a pure green environmental protection product. Representing the superiority and characteristics of Tencel, the general printing and dyeing finishing of pure Tencel fabrics need to undergo fiber opening, sand washing or sanding to show the soft waxy skin-friendly comfort of Tencel.

2. Tencel cotton fabric is an interwoven or blended fabric of Tencel and cotton, and its comfort is also very good. However, because the cotton fiber is not as light as Tencel, the feel of Tencel cotton fabric is generally between cotton and pure cotton. Between silk fabrics, the printing and dyeing of interwoven Tencel cotton fabrics generally need to be sand washed to improve softness and comfort. Blended Tencel cotton fabrics are closer to the cotton processing technology. Both Tencel cotton fabrics have excellent wearing comfort. And environmental protection function.

3. Tencel polyester fabric, currently mainly refers to the products of Tencel and polyester interwoven. Generally, Tencel is designed as warp yarn and polyester as weft yarn, so that the appearance, texture and wearing comfort of Tencel are likely to be maintained. To increase the strength to ensure a more practical effect. However, polyester will affect the wearing comfort and may reduce the environmental protection function. How to achieve both comfort and environmental protection while exerting the high strength and silk texture of polyester yarn is a topic worthy of study for the suppliers of Tencel fabrics.

4. Tencel and hemp interwoven and blended fabrics belong to the category of relatively high-end Tencel fabrics. Whether it is flax or ramie, they are all recognized natural fibers. The softness and exquisiteness is a great supplement, especially the rough appearance and good shape retention ability of linen and ramie, which not only maintains the original nobleness of natural fibers, but also provides conditions for the development of high-end outerwear fabrics, so the tencel fabric is very A class of products worthy of great innovation by Tencel fabric production suppliers.

5. Tencel nylon fabric benefits from the sufficient and wide range of nylon filament raw materials, allowing Tencel fabric manufacturers to develop new products easily. Nylon filaments, like polyester filaments, have chemical fiber fibers that are not moisture-absorbing and sweat-permeable. Insufficient, but excellent flexibility and strength, worthy of further innovation.

6. Tencel rayon interwoven fabrics are also a relatively new type of Tencel fabrics. The two kinds of recycled fibers combine ecological green functions and comfort. The brilliance and beauty of rayon also enhance the color of Tencel. The fibers are light, so Tencel rayon interwoven fabrics are mainly used for spring and summer thin fashion. However, because the printing and dyeing process of Tencel rayon interlaced fabrics is relatively difficult, Tencel fabric production suppliers have to overcome technical difficulties, because of its super With good silk texture, Tencel rayon interwoven fabrics are more like real silk fabrics, and have great potential for future development.

7. Tencel rayon blended fabric is an improvement of the quality of artificial cotton fabrics. At present, there is a proprietary name called "Tianshu", which refers to the raw materials of Tencel rayon blended fabric. The combination of the two staple fibers is very soft and delicate. Well, compared to rayon fabrics, the toughness has been increased, the strength and tension are better, and the shrinkage rate is not as big as that of rayon. It is a very good choice for flexible women's clothing and home wear.

8. Tencel cupra, Tencel modal interweaving, Tencel silk and Tencel wool are all rare Tencel fabrics, but some Tencel fabric manufacturers have already noticed the potential value of these products. We Zhongran Textile also plans to invest in R&D and innovation, and it is believed that there will be a wealth of product launches in the future.

In short, Tencel fabrics cannot be regarded as a very small product category. The combination of Tencel and various fibers is gradually impacting traditional textiles. Many ordinary fabrics have greatly improved the quality and function due to the integration of Tencel. And the global fashion industry has injected new vitality. Therefore, Tencel fabrics not only have a wide range of fabrics, but also have a comprehensive market influence. It is precisely because of this that Zhongran Textile takes Tencel fabrics as a strategic core to deploy. We are also actively seeking resource integration and working hand in hand with the vast number of Tencel fabric production and supply. Traders made Tencel fabrics bigger and stronger.