Rayon Melange Cotton Fabric Suppliers

Rayon Melange Cotton Fabric

Rayon Melange Cotton Fabric

Hangzhou Xingfu Textile Co., Ltd.

Artcle name : Rayon Melange Cotton Fabric
Weight: 150gsm
Width: 150cm

Technics:Cotton Fabric


Feature:Breathable, Sustainable

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China



We have many colors for you to choose.

Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer,Suppliers
Price: Consultation
Packing details: CARTON
Netural Packing details: CARTON
Delivery time: 10-15DAYS
Payment method: T/T 30/70


Hangzhou Xingfu Textile Co., Ltd. is located on the south bank of the beautiful Qiantang River in Hangzhou, 3 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. Founded in September 1997, the company is a large-scale integrated entity integrating R&D, weaving and sales. More than 200 employees, mainly engaged in various types of high-end knitted fabrics, such as various types of NR Roman cloth series, RT Roman cloth series, cotton series, all kinds of single / double-sided cloth.


Since the establishment of the company, with the excellent product quality, reasonable price and perfect and efficient service, it has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers. At present, it has established long-term good business relations with world famous brands: H&M, WALMART, ZARA, etc.



XINGFU’s Mission

To be the undisputed leader in the textile industry.


XINGFU’s Spirit

Innovation and pragmatism, excellence.


XINGFU’s Goals

Make our fabrics the first choice for our customers in our target market.


XINGFU’s Tenet

Taking institutional innovation, technological innovation and management innovation as the core; aiming at improving market share and efficiency.


XINGFU’s Quality Policy

Professional to create quality, integrity to create the future, your ideal is our pursuit!



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