Briefly describe what clothes are suitable for Roman cloth

Summary: Roman fabrics are divided into ordinary Roman fabrics, colored Roman fabrics, Roman printed fabrics...
Roman fabrics are divided into ordinary Roman fabrics, colored Roman fabrics, Roman printed fabrics, fashion Roman fabrics, high-density and high-density Roman fabrics, bamboo Roman fabrics, and so on. Color Roman fabric is an improvement on Roman cloth. It adds color characteristics on the basis of Roman cloth, highlighting its noble and elegant style. It is suitable for professional women's wear, slim dresses, leggings and more.
The Roman printed fabric is based on the Roman cloth, and designs the required patterns and patterns. There are many varieties of colors, and the combination of hue and color has become a beautiful landscape in the city. It is suitable for women's windbreaker, coat, professional suit, leggings and so on. The production of high-count and high-density fabrics are anti-wrinkle and non-iron, new fibers with multiple functions and technically functional finishing products, which are favored by consumers. The outstanding features are softness, comfort, and non-iron are the finest in fabrics. It is suitable for making shirts, dresses and more. Fashion Roman fabrics are thin in texture, clear in texture, natural in luster, soft in touch and rich in elasticity. The fabric is loosely gripped and no wrinkles. It has strong dyeing properties and can print different flower patterns. Is a very comprehensive knitted fabric, it is suitable for women's fashion, women's skirts, women's pants, dresses, suits, children's clothing and so on.
Bamboo Roman fabric means that the fabric weaved has a bamboo-like texture, and the bamboo is more prominent than the shading. There are various colors, irregular bamboo effects, and unique to return to natural style. It is hygroscopic, breathable, antistatic, natural and environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy. It is suitable for making tops, cropped / pants, dresses, etc.