Use the correct cleaning method to wash tencel fabrics

Summary:Tencel is a relatively common fabric. Its touch will make people feel cool. It is very suitable for ...
Tencel is a relatively common fabric. Its touch will make people feel cool. It is very suitable for use in summer. It is very comfortable to make clothes or a four-piece bed, and it is more breathable and delicate than cotton products. It is a very popular fabric, but this kind of fabric has its advantages and also has its shortcomings. Many people will encounter problems such as shrinkage and hardening in the process of cleaning this fabric.

First, use silk detergent

Tencel fabric has excellent water absorption and has a good coloring rate, so using general cleaning agents will cause damage to it. This is because most of the current cleaning agents are alkaline, which will cause the color to fall off. And the fabric is comfortable, no longer soft. Therefore, we should use a special silk detergent to clean. This kind of detergent is generally neutral. We can pay more attention to the instructions on the detergent when purchasing.

Second, avoid too long cleaning time

Tencel fabrics are smooth to wear, partly because of their relatively weak joint force. Therefore, if we wash them for too long and let them soak in water for a long time, it is very likely that the fabrics or seams will become thinner. cloth and cannot be used normally.

Third, silk wool files should be used when cleaning

When using the machine to clean, there will be many options for us to choose, we should pay attention to use the silk and wool gear, or the gentle gear on the machine for cleaning, do not use the cotton gear or the other gears provided by mistake, the specific gear is after cleaning Some special treatments will be applied to the fabric to make it softer.