What is cotton tencel fabric and what are the advantages

Summary:Nowadays, technology is constantly developing and technology is constantly being updated. In terms o...
Nowadays, technology is constantly developing and technology is constantly being updated. In terms of clothing fabrics, they are also different. However, most people will choose the fabric clothes that suit them according to their own preferences. It is estimated that many people have heard of cotton tencel fabric, but what kind of fabric is this fabric?

1. What is cotton tencel fabric?

To say this kind of fabric, it is mainly a new type of man-made cellulose fiber clothing fabric. But it is more distinctive than other fabrics. As we all know, Tencel is originally a kind of fiber, mainly made of pure natural wood pulp, so this kind of fabric has a certain softness and is very comfortable to wear in summer. In addition, everyone should pay attention not to use too strong detergent when washing this fabric, nor to soak it for too long.

2. What are the advantages of cotton tencel fabrics?

1. Strong hygroscopicity

Although this fabric is formed by processing, its raw material is fiber after all. After processing, it overcomes the original fiber viscose, so it is more hygroscopic than the original material.

2. Breathability

Tencel cotton fabric is particularly breathable, and its size is relatively stable, and its shrinkage rate is relatively small.

3. Comfort

Since this kind of fabric is 100% pure natural material, mainly made of Tencel, the clothing made of this kind of fabric is relatively supple. In fact, it can also be cleaned in a variety of ways, but it will retain its original softness and generally will not deform. So it is very comfortable.

Through the above introduction, it is estimated that everyone has a simple understanding of Tencel cotton. I have to say that if this fabric is used to make clothes in daily life, it is very comfortable and soft to wear, but everyone also needs to Take good care of it.